Women’s Cricket: India’s up-and-coming rising star Minnu Mani gets a road named after her

India’s up-and-coming rising star Minnu Mani gets a road named after her

She had to play the game as a student without her parent’s knowledge. The tribal player is now well-known throughout Kerala’s Wayanad region and beyond. The life of cricket player Minnu Mani from Kerala has completed a circle. Mani has gone through a range of emotions in recent months. The 24-year-old all-rounder, a member of the Kurichiya tribe from Wayanad, was purchased by Delhi Capitals for $30,000. It made her successful India T20 debut against Bangladesh last month. Mani is the only player from the state to compete in the inaugural Women’s Premier League (WPL). 

Mani becomes emotional as she discusses the love and support she has received from Wayanad residents ever since she gained national attention as an India cricket player. Mani also discusses how parents are now urging their daughters to play cricket and follow in her footsteps.


Mani commented that when she expressed interest in cricket, she had to deal with criticism from both the community and her parents. Her parents were completely unaware that she was quietly participating in local matches until the eighth grade. She was expected to work in the paddy fields, study, and help her parents on their farm.


A road intersection in the Wayanad district of northwestern Kerala has been renamed in honor of the cricketer by the Mananthavady Municipality. There is no connecting road from the Mysuru road intersection, which will now be known as the “Minnu Mani junction,” to her home, which is only 3 kilometers away.


She said that it seems amazing that they regard her in this way. She has seen movies where famous politicians have their own roads named after them. A connecting road will soon be constructed by the local government, said Mani, who believes that cricket has improved her situation. The daughter of a laborer and a part-time farmer, she used the money she earned from Delhi Capitals after playing in the WPL to finish building her home, purchase furnishings, and purchase a scooter to get to the academy.

The young cricket star will compete in the forthcoming Asian Games as part of the Indian team. She will then continue to perform well to earn a spot in the ODI team as well. 


That it will be an honor to represent India at the Asian Games. As an all-arounder, she wants to do well. Mani stated that she was surprised to see her name in India’s T20 team for the Bangladesh T20 series because she had just finished playing three games in the WPL for the illustrious Delhi Capitals team.

Given her rising popularity, it appears that the entire Wayanad region will be glued to the screen as Mani bowls, bats, and delivers while sporting an India jersey during the Asian Games.


Minnu Mani debuted in the Women's Premier League-six6s login
Minnu Mani debuted in the Women’s Premier League-six6s login