Women's Cricket Score Battles: A Look Back and Ahead

Women’s Cricket Score Battles: A Look Back and Ahead

With the 2025 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup slated to unfold in India, cricket aficionados are gearing up for yet another exhilarating chapter in the sport’s history. As the countdown begins, it’s an opportune moment to revisit the scorecards of past tournaments while offering insights into potential score lines for the upcoming event.   The […]

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sixsixescricket_net_Bat Queens & Big Scores_ Dive into Women's Cricket Excellence

Bat Queens & Big Scores: Dive into Women’s Cricket Excellence

Women’s cricket has seen a remarkable rise in prominence over the years, with players displaying exemplary skills and achieving extraordinary milestones. From stunning batting performances to remarkable bowling feats, the world of women’s cricket is filled with awe-inspiring records and achievements. Let’s delve into the top-ranking players and their impressive ratings in the Women’s One-Day […]

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